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Red Nails
I have a new Tumblr which I actually update!


Follow me if you care.

Also, you should all listen to New Romantic by Laura Marling, 5 Years Time by Noah And The Whale, and anything by Johnny Flynn.

Yes I know they're mainstream folk artists, but they're also the best.

My cousin's having a re-opening ceremony thingy for his band this weekend, which I'll be sorry not to go to, but visit their Myspace anyway: Blue Screen Life -- It's looking blank right now. Hopefully there'll be new recordings added soon <3 Their new sound is fresher, I think. Here's wishing them the best of luck.

Red Nails
To avoid becoming arrogant with the music on my iPod, and to keep my music taste moving, I'm going to start making 'must listen to' lists ... Starting now, with albums. Some of these I've already listened to and want to properly get into. Others I have yet to enjoy.


Teen Dream / Beach House
Contra / Vampire Weekend
High Violet / The National
Congratulations / MGMT
Transference / Spoon
Hadestown / Anais Mitchell
Broken Bells / Broken Bells
This Is Happening / LCD Soundsystem
Plastic Beach / Gorillaz
Relayted / Gayngs
Forgiveness Rock Record / Broken Social Scene
There Is Love In You / Four Tet

That'll do for now. Also, I'm in Portugal, and the skin on my shoulders is peeling, and the sun is shining like a beast -- YAY SUMMER! Also, I got shortlisted for a poetry competition. It's called the 'National Poetry Anthology', which sounds grand, but I'm not convinced they know shit about poetry ... Anyway, fingers crossed, perhaps I'll be one of the winners!

Writer's Block: Work, work, work
Red Nails
Would you rather work at a job that you enjoy but pays little or work at a miserable job that pays a lot?

Miserable job that pays a lot, sans doute. If you can afford to live the life you wanted, it doesn't matter what career you're stuck in. And opportunities are limitless to the rich, so if you wanted to switch jobs at any point, more doors would be open to you. You can retire early. You can set up your own business/charity/enterprise without landing yourself in debt. WHY HAVE FUN WHEN YOU HAVE MONEY, EH?

Prom tonight
Red Nails
I'm so excited it hurts. I am wearing a dress sort of like this:


and these shoes (except mine are hot pink):

Womens Shoes from KG - Aurora Pink Courts Classic

and I know they look ugly, but I promise it looks better in real life. May post pictures tomorrow. Have a gorgeous summer :)

x VRN x

Red Nails

here it is, laid out plain and simple for all you lovely boys and girls to see:

YOU MAY EAT: whatever you want

WHEN YOU MAY EAT IT: 3 meals a day -- breakfast, lunch and dinner

... as much or as little as you want of whatever you want, but NO SNACKING :)

frankly, I shouldn't be calling it a diet. it's more of a no-snacking morale. but so far it's going pretty damn good -- although I'm craving marshmallows and feeling really sick from all the crap I've eaten at lunch & dinner today.

x VRN x

(no subject)
Red Nails

So I'm already breaking my "write every day" rule by posting these, because it's not writing, it's pictures. But basically I was messing around with this failed scarf that I knitted today and took thesssee:

 ... There are a few more snaps but I've had to switch computers and can't upload them from here. I liked the whole mystic theme of it though, especially the pinkness of some of my other photos ... I'll upload them when I can be tossed // am on the right computer.

Love love,

x VRN x

A Happy Thought
Red Nails
Only 6 hours 18 minutes left until breakfast :)

I'm excited already ...

(no subject)
Red Nails

I regret bitching about mocks.

Embarrassing to admit, but it's true. Now that we've been thrown head first back to school, drowned once again in the cold monotony of routine, I'm wondering why the hell I ever thought that lessons were easier than exams.

I want to wear no uniform again. I want to lie in every morning till 11am. I want to drink hot chocolate until I freaking burst and hog the toastie machine for lunch. I want gcse study leave goddammit!!

Anyway, if you're a regular reader of this little blogathon (which you're not) then you may be wondering why I bring this up. In fact, you may even be wondering why I'm actually posting for once instead of taking every available opportunity to brag about my new twitter youtube myspace omfg add me now PLZ!!!11!one!!

Hahaha but no seriously, the only reason I'm posting right now is because I read a rather interesting article on 10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know and was inspired. Mostly because the guy who wrote it (who isn't just a failed author, he has genuinely been published ... I think) said that right now my writing sucks, and there is nothing I can do about it. However, there is hope; and if I try to write in some bloggy or creative fashion every day, then I can speed up this process.

So I suppose this means that from now on I may actually have to have some sort of a structure (a foreign concept to me) to my blogs. They must not simply be meaningless rants. They must have meaning.

Bearing this in mind, here are a few topics I hope I can cover soooonn in these blogathons:

- metaphors and their irrelevance
- reviews (or not so much reviews, because they're boring -- more like fun thoughts) of arty things I've seen/read
- real music taste and why you need to get your arses in gear and download these artists asap!
- a short essay on how much I hate vaseline

... And that just about covers it. exciting, I know.

On a lighter note, this new enthusiasm basically means that you'll be hearing a lot more from me over the coming few months, as work piles up and music practice refuses to go away. It's also exciting for me in that I'll be able to see my theoretical progress with the way I write and the crap I write.

Take care all :)

x VRN x

An Ode To Mock Examinations
Red Nails

Because we hate them so much, I decided to write a song about them!

x  VRN x

Comfort Eating & Tumblr
Red Nails

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it was as relaxing and unconstructive for you as it was for me :)

Now, back to talking about myself ...

It's snowing like a mofo here, ruining any social plans I had over the next couple of days. See, if it was stopping me from going back to school or something, then I would be grateful. As it is, I'm off for another week. Fml.

So linking back to the title quickly, my new year's resolutions are as follows (in order of importance):

1. stop biting nails
2. stop snacking inbetween meals
3. be a better Christian

... The 2nd and 3rd have just gone to mush, and now, while I sit here working my way through tubes upon tubes of chocolates, it's reassuring to know I've got at least another year or two to decide exactly what I'm going to do about this embarrassing eating problemo. I'm not doing the whole "whinging about being fat" thing, I know how irritating it is when people go on about their weight. It's just annoying.

Anyway, onto other things -- mocks start in under a week. I have done next to nought revision. I've got a new guitar teacher who's 10 times better than my old one, and I gave up the concert things I was doing with my old guitar teacher. While I'll miss singing and everything, I think my dad's going to get me in touch with these people who are doing a bit of a talent show down at the local golf club, and they need a singer. Should be a laff at any rate =)

Music / music grades: this term got distinction grade 6 singing (I'm such a bragger! this is awful!!) and next term going to do grade 5 guitar / grade 6 flute. Considering giving up the flute.

Writing: I actually wrote a poem the other day! It was called Maturity or some lark. It's shabby, but it's a try :) Currently reading a LOT of Stephen King and hoping to get more into James Frey soon. Also finished NaNoWriMo!! I'm never going to try to finish or even look at the book I was writing again, but it was definitely worth it.

Miscellaneous: have got back into jewellery making and trying to make a massive scrap book of photography -- I think it would therefore be a good idea to snap a few pictures of this glorious snow while we have the chance :D

Also, I've set up two Tumblr websites: HERE & HERE -- the first is for random things just to keep you occupied, websites, games, vids I find, and the like. The second is for my typography: taking pictures and photoshopping funny captions in over them. It's tonnes of fun and hardly takes a minute to do =)

Woahh, I don't think I've ever written this much! Okies, take care everyone and I shall try to post more regularly on here to avoid these huge reams of boring info about my life :S

x VRN x